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Imagine you have the flu – your body is aching, your throat is burning and you have a pounding headache. A friend or family member tells you that you should get checked out by your doctor, but you choose to ignore it. The next week you feel 10 times worse as the symptoms increase. If you had listened to your family and friends and gone to the doctor, you probably would have felt a lot better by now. The same scenario applies when a legal issue arises and you require legal advice. If you are in a dispute of any kind and need legal advice, here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t wait to contact a lawyer.


Great Lawyers Are Always Busy

Just like your life is busy, lawyers are constantly working on cases. You want to give yourself enough time –but within a relatively quick time frame – to do your research on potential candidates so that you’re comfortable with who’s going to fight your case. What’s also important is giving your lawyer enough time to review your case. He/She will have to investigate and research your case and prepare a strategy that best serves you.


Deadlines Are Important

Remember when a teacher gave you a break when you handed in a late essay? The courts and opposing parties are not so lenient. If you miss the deadline to file a defence for example, then default judgment may be obtained against you. If you wish to commence a lawsuit, there may be a pending limitation period. If you miss the limitation period, then you will forever be barred from bringing that lawsuit.


Preservation of Evidence

As time goes by, you may forget a lot of the finer details of an incident. You may not recall what was said or what was agreed to or even who was in attendance at a crucial meeting. Providing this information to your lawyer early on will preserve this evidence. Your lawyer will advise what documents in your possession are important to keep and to search for.


If you or someone you know is facing a legal dispute of any kind, and need to resolve it, defend it or to bring it to court, contact us at Jeffrey C. Silver for your consultation. We are here to provide the legal advice you require, to provide strategic advocacy and to provide you with the effective and tenacious representation you will require.

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